Step 1  Choose Your Base
Brown Rice,    White Rice,  Salad,  Half and Half
Sushi Roll: Sushi Rice Only

Step 2 Choose your add-ons
Avocado, Cucumber,  White Onion, Imitation Crab Meat, Cream Cheese

Step 3 Choose Your Protein
Regular: 2 scoops  $7.99     Big Bowl: 3 scoops $8.99
Salmon,  Tuna,  Yellowtail,    EEL,   Shrimp,  Octopus,  Spicy Tuna

Step 4 Choose Your Sauce
Poke Sauce (Mild)      Hot Poke,      Fire Poke Sauce,    Wasabi Sauce
Grab an Extra Sauce! Spicy Mayo, Ponzu sauce, EEL and Cilantro  sauce

Step 5 Choose Your Toppings
Seaweed salad,  Green Onion, Ginger,  Edamame,    Wasabi,  Pineapple  
Sesame Seeds,     Tempura Flakes,  Masago,  Sesame oil,  JalapeƱo  


Poke Bowls

Lunch Rolls

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INJEN SUSHI DELI brings Healthy, Energetic, Quality Fast Food Sushi to the Inland Empire.  With our unique style of service, you choose from our fresh everyday choices to create the perfect roll and or poke bowl 

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